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Fun Kids Carry On Luggage & Suitcases

Spoil your child with Penny Scallan’s complete range of kids travel luggage. Browse our cute collection of kids luggage and suitcases for your next family getaway. Coming in a handful of cute colours and prints.

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Penny Scallan Design Wheelie Case (2 Wheel) - Loopy Llama
Penny Scallan Design Wheelie Case (2 Wheel) - Rainbow Days
Penny Scallan Design Wheelie Case (2 Wheel) - Anchors Away
Penny Scallan Design Boys Suitcase (2 Wheel) - Dino Rock
Penny Scallan Design Kids Suitcase on Wheels - Wild Thing
Penny Scallan Design Wheelie Case (2 Wheel) - Chirpy Bird
Penny Scallan Design Girls Suitcase (2 Wheel) - Park Life

Looking for the best kids luggage and not sure what to choose?

Whether on your next trip you’re travelling overseas, or road tripping to the next county, all your family members should be properly prepared and well equipped.

So if your holiday is approaching fast and your kids are old enough to demand their own suitcase, we have you covered. Our miniature carry on luggage and suitcases are spacious to store all your child’s essentials when travelling, while also being cute enough to get any little person excited.

Cute Little Luggage For Kids Who Love To Travel

With nature inspired graphics, our luggage collection of spinners, bags and suitcases are practical and perfectly sized, while also making it extremely easy for kids to handle and carry. 

We know that little customers will love our bags’ playful designs, as much as we are sure that all parents will like that our items have been designed with kids’ use and kids’ safety in mind.