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Kids Hats

Protect your kids from the sun with our kids sun hats. With a wide brim & adjustable toggle to keep it in place, our sun hats for kids are made from soft cotton canvas.

Both for the kids that love to spend time outside, and for the parents that worry about uv protection, we have a practical and fun solution. A cute and colorful sun hat!

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Penny Scallan Design Hat - Rainbow Days
Penny Scallan Design Hat - Anchors Away
Penny Scallan Design Girls Hat - Chirpy Bird
Penny Scallan Design Hat - Dino Rock
Penny Scallan Design Hat - Loopy Llama
Penny Scallan Design Boys Hat - Wild Thing

Kids Sun Hats

As many parents can attest, toddlers have a delicate skin and scalp. During the warmer months when they start spending tons of time playing outside, their skin can get burned in minutes. That’s why, it’s never a bad idea to throw a hat on your kid's head for an extra layer of sun protection. 

Coming in an adorable array of colours, our wide brimmed hats help protect shade sunburn-prone areas like your child’s face, ears and back of the neck. But, as most parents know, teaching little ones to wear hats can be a trying time. Since we believe in making hats that any baby and toddler would love, we made our best to create a sun hat that is so comfortable and fun that all kids will want to wear.

Why Choose Our Kids Sun Hats

Made from a soft cotton canvas that is lightweight and breathable, our kids' sun hats have plenty of fun patterns. Playful designs might be just the trick to get your little one convinced that their new hat is super cool and worth keeping on. Other than that, we also provided our hats with an adjustable chin strap for a snug fit, and a better shot at keeping your child’s head out of the sun. 

When it comes to maintenance, we know the importance of easy-care items and that’s why we made our sun hats for kids machine washable. If you are in a hurry to wash yours, just throw it in the washing machine and it will come out perfect. 

So wait no more and pick your coloured choice of all-day head protection on the beach, pool or anyplace else your kid needs to be safe from the sun’s harmful rays.