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Baby Sippy Cups with Straw

A Penny Scallan’s baby sippy cup will help your baby transition from bottle to open cup! Made from bamboo, our cups are functional, leak-proof & safe. Shop our adorable designs now.

Is your tiny human ready to switch from bottle or breast to a regular, open cup? This transitioning phase can be challenging for many children, but we are here to give a helping hand!

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The Best Baby Sippy Cup For Tiny Hands

Penny Scallan’s sippy cup is a great transitional product that all toddlers can use with ease.

Holding, lifting, and tipping their own drink cup is an important part of a baby’s learning process. Coming in a variety of lively colours and fun designs, our adorable kids’ sippy cups are provided with easy-grip handles for little hands to hold.

They also come with a silicone plug to prevent leaks and a weighted bottom on the straw to ensure it stays in the liquid, no matter which way your little one holds the cup.

Developing Your Baby’s Drinking Skills

Sippy cups ease your baby’s transition away from the bottle and are the perfect way for them to practice new drinking skills. 

So, why should you choose a Penny Scallan sippy cup with straw?

Made with spill-proof technology, our cups won’t open up until your kid’s lips are on it, making them the perfect way to teach little ones how to drink from a cup without any mess.

You can fill them with any liquid like milk, fresh fruit juice, smoothies, or water, and are perfect for family road trips, mealtimes, and after-school snacks. With various designs including cars, birds, and animals, our bamboo sippy cups are a thoughtful gift for both boys and girls.

Made of durable bamboo, our sippy cups are designed to take whatever your baby can dish out, and can be thrown directly into the dishwasher for easy cleanup. You will love how easy these cups are to clean! They are also affordable, and thus easy to replace, should you need to.

Drinking cups made of plastic may release small amounts of BPA chemicals which can lead to serious health consequences. But that’s not something you should worry about when buying a bamboo sippy cup from us! All our cups are thoughtfully crafted from bamboo and soft silicone. They are also BPA-free so that you can worry less about safety and focus more on enjoying the precious moments with your baby.

Is Your Little One Ready to Transition from their Baby Bottle to a Cup? 

Then get them a sippy cup they will love and enjoy! If you have any questions or would like to know more about how we craft our products, get in touch with us.