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Kids Lunch Value Packs

Check out our cute lunch value packs for kids, and grab one to save both time and money on your kid’s food on the go! Perfect for kindergarten, school, picnics, or road trips, these value packs have been thoughtfully considered to make both children and parents happy.

As every parent knows, it’s a daily challenge to make sure your kids’ lunch box will not only keep food fresh throughout the day but will also have a fun design your child will enjoy carrying it around. Lost lunch boxes are a thing of the past! Pick the pack your child loves the most and start making school lunches fun!
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Penny Scallan Design Large Bento + Drink Bottle Combo
Penny Scallan Design Mini Bento + Lunchbox Combo
Penny Scallan Design Mini Bento + Drink Bottle Combo
Penny Scallan Design Large Bento + Cooler Combo
Penny Scallan Design Penny Scallan Design Gift Card
From $25.00 - $250.00

What’s Included In Our Value Lunch Packs?

Everything you need for your kid’s lunch necessities. Plus, you can also decide how to mix and match your items.

Take a look at our range of sizes and cute designs, including Dino Rock, Loopy Lama, Chirpy Bird, and Wild Thing. Choose the ones that fit and inspire your little ones the most, and never see them carry a boring school item again!

Our Lunch Packs For Kids Include:

  • 1x Large Bento Box + 1x Cooler
  • 1x Large Bento Box + 1x Drink Bottle
  • 1x Mini Bento Box + 1x Drink Bottle
  • 1x Mini Bento Box + 1x Lunchbox

Bursting with lively colours and beautiful designs, our lunch packs for kids are practical, adorable, and bring together the best items for kids at affordable costs!

How To Care For Your Kids’ Lunch Packs

These lunch value packs for children include the same high-quality items that many of you already know and love. 

Our school lunch boxes are made from 100% cotton canvas, which has a water-resistant and scratch-proof coating, while our drink bottles are made from stainless steel that is leak-proof and durable.

But since a little reminder never hurts anybody, here’s an overview of what to expect when buying our kids accessories for school, and how to care for them so that they last longer.

Dishwasher And Food Safe 

All materials used in producing our kids’ lunch packs are food-safe, BPA-free and phthalates-free.

Keep Food Fresh All Day 

With thermal lining, our insulated lunch boxes will keep your little one’s food fresh for hours, until it is time to eat.

Cute, Fun, And Practical

Our lunch accessories not only look great but are also suitable for fitting in backpacks or storing food in the fridge overnight. Not to mention that they are also dishwasher proof for that important post-lunch clean-up.

Parents & Child Friendly

Our water and food storage containers are sturdy yet easy for children to open. Kids will love their fun and colourful designs, and parents will appreciate how easy these items are to clean and care for.