Penny Scallan Hot/Cold Packs

Reusable Kids Hot & Cold Packs

Our reusable hot and cold packs for kids make keeping their lunches and snacks fresh even easier! The perfect fit for our Bento Boxes and Lunch Bags, our reusable ice packs for kids come in a variety of sizes and cute, colourful designs with everyone's favourite Penny Scallan characters.

Not only are they great for keeping food fresh, but they also make the perfect ice pack for soothing bumps and bruises, as well as keeping your kids’ tiny hands warm. Match our hot and cold packs to your kids lunchboxes for the ultimate lunchtime pack! Simply freeze overnight or submerge in hot water to get the temperature you desire.
  • From the very beginning, our passion has been about providing Australian families with quality kids accessories that are bright, practical and will stand the test of time. Proudly operating since 2006, we’re true blue Aussie, through and through.

  • We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials that are durable, stain-resistant and can easily endure the lifestyles of busy families, (because no one likes a bag that only lasts one season of the year).

  • We understand the importance of helping kids grow. That’s why every one of our accessories are made just for them. From easy-to-use zippers to practical pockets and colourful designs, our range is designed to help kids be independent, the moment they leave the front door.