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Kids Luggage

Cute kids luggage & suitcases for a sleepover or getaway. Durable & easy to clean in a range of colourful designs. Order and get your little ones packing!

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Penny Scallan Design Backpack Large - Park Life
Penny Scallan Design Backpack Medium - Park Life
Penny Scallan Design Toiletry Bag - Park Life
Penny Scallan Design Kids Suitcase on wheels (2 Wheel) - Park Life
Penny Scallan Design Backpack Medium - Navy Star
Penny Scallan Design Penny Scallan Design Gift Card
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Suitcases & Backpacks For Junior Travellers

If you haven’t thought about getting your kids luggage of their own, now is the time! Whether it’s for spending the night at their friend's house, or for travelling with the family, getting kids their own luggage will give them a sense of responsibility, and make them more organised.

The trick is to choose something that is lightweight, fun, and of course, durable. At Penny Scallan, we know that getting your little traveler an item that they will love will make them more excited to carry it themselves, and more careful not to lose them. With that thought in mind, we created kids luggage sets with cutesy nature inspired designs, but also adorable pattern options of cars, boats, or navy prints.

Why Choose Kids Luggage From Penny Scallan

From rolling suitcases, to backpacks, duffle bags, and toiletry bags, our charming collection of kids luggage has your little one covered during all activities. We have a multitude of kid-friendly designs, meaning there are luggage options for both boys and girls of all ages, and all sizes.

Starting school? We have stylish kids' backpacks for daycare or school, with a bottle holder & adjustable shoulder straps.

Need a duffle bag for sporting activities and day trips? Search no more! Our duffle bags come in a handful of sparkling colors and prints adored by all.

Travelling with kids? Browse our cute collection of travel bags and suitcases for your next trip with the family. Our spinner luggage comes with an extendable pull handle that can be tucked away in a zip pocket, and spinner wheels which make it easy for toddlers to drag behind them.

Is your little one having his first sleepover? Make sure your child has all the gear they need for an overnight adventure, with one of our colourful kids toiletry bags.

Our entire range of our kids luggage is made from long lasting, water-resistant materials that are easy to clean. Buy now for sporting activities, day trips and sleepovers.