Toddlers Rain Gear: Finding the Best Fit

Toddlers Rain Gear: Finding the Best Fit

Toddlers Rain Gear: Finding the Best Fit 

What could be more wondrous than a child’s imagination on a rainy day?  

While the wet weather may have you looking at grey skies, muddy footprints and flooding gutters, your little ones see magnificent puddles for playing in and gushing rivers ready for impromptu leaf boat races.  

 With extended wet seasons and blue skies turning stormy in the blink of an eye, planning and packing for a day out is becoming increasingly complicated. When it comes to choosing the best rain gear for your toddlers, the biggest factors you’re going to want to keep in mind are comfort, durability, functionality, and designs that make your little one smile. Read on for more key information in deciding on the best rain gear for your kids. 

Find rain boots your toddler will love to slip on and off 

When trying track down the most suitable wet weather footwear for your kids, you’re going to want to find a toe-guarded boot that is rubber, water resistent, slip proof, and comfortable enough to wear all day long.  

We also suggest selecting a pair that they’ll: 

  1. Love to wear 
  2. Be able to slip on and off with ease 

Our rainboots for toddlers and kids are made from rubber, rather than the traditional PCV, with a soft cotton lining meaning they’re not only more comfortable on little feet, but they’ll take years to wear out – no matter what your little person gets up to.  

To find a pair of toddlers rainboots that are fun, functional, comfortable and easy to use, try our kids gumboots. Available in a range of fun designs, there’s the perfect fit for every little puddle stomper. 

Choose colourful, comfortable raincoats

Nothing will ruin a rainy day’s magic quicker than feeling cold, wet and uncomfortable. That’s why it’s important to find raincoats that your little ones are excited to pop over their shoulders before leaving the house. 

When you’re choosing the best rain gear for your kids it’s of the upmost importance to find items that are comfortable to wear, water-proof, and durable enough to last through several seasons (not just one). Our Penny raincoats are fully lined, creatively designed, and durable enough to be passed down from sibling to sibling as they grow older. 

Kids umbrellas made for tiny hands

As for the best umbrellas for your kids, the key attributes to look out for are safety and usability. Keep things in mind like the weight of your kids' umbrella; is it light enough for your little one to carry while going for a wander on a grey day? 

Umbrellas made from metal frames and spokes are generally too heavy and difficult for your tiny human’s hands to hold and open. Thankfully our Penny umbrellas are made with lightweight fibreglass spokes, a soft grip rubber handle, and a safety opening system to avoid pinching little fingers, making them the perfect accessory for cloudy weather!