Outdoor Activities for Your Little One: Fun-Filled Adventures and Weather Protection with Penny Scallan

Outdoor Activities for Your Little One: Fun-Filled Adventures and Weather Protection with Penny Scallan

How to enjoy outdoor activities with your little one in all seasons

Exposure to nature provides children with opportunities to explore, learn, and engage with the world around them, and is essential to a child’s development through their formative years.

From discovering nature's wonders to engaging in water play, children benefit immensely from spending time in the great outdoors. At Penny Scallan, we have plenty of durable, comfortable and practical products available to help keep your little explorer warm and safe during your family adventures outdoors.

Explore of our favourite family-friendly outdoor activities below, and engage your little one in the world around them – we're sure they will be begging to go outside in their Penny Scallan accessories, come rain or shine!

Activity One: Nature Scavenger Hunt

A nature scavenger hunt is an excellent way to spark your child's curiosity about the world. All you need to do is make a list of items commonly found outdoors, such as pinecones, leaves, rocks or flowers, and grab a basket, bag or bucket! When searching for your list of treasures, encourage your little explorers to observe the world around them, feel the textures of their finds, and learn about the items they encounter. This activity helps your children foster a love for nature and inspires them to be curious about our world.

While your little ones are busy exploring the great outdoors, Penny Scallan's Kids Gumboots will keep their feet dry and comfortable. Made from pure rubber with slip-resistant soles and a 100% cotton lining, these adorable children's gumboots are perfect for splish-splashing in puddles during your scavenger hunt. We also offer matching raincoats and umbrellas for kids, to keep your explorers protected from any unexpected showers - making this adventure both fun and weather-ready!

Activity Two: Water Play Extravaganza

On warm and sunny days, water play is a must for children to keep them cool and entertained. Set up a kiddie pool, water table, or even a laundry basket filled with cool water in your backyard, and watch your children engage in endless fun!

Splashing, pouring, and scooping water will keep your little ones happily engaged for hours. Water play is not only loads of fun but also promotes sensory exploration and helps to develop fine motor skills. Just remember to supervise the little splish-splashers at all times to ensure their safety.

During this water play extravaganza, Penny Scallan's kids bucket hats come to the rescue to provide shade and protection from the sun's harsh rays. Made with 100% uncoated cotton canvas with an adjustable toggled chin strap, you can place this broad-brimmed kids hat comfortably on your child’s head, knowing they’ll be safe in the sunshine. Available in a range of designs, we offer plenty of kids hat styles for every unique personality!

Activity Three: Food Path Chalk Art

Let your kids' creativity shine with sidewalk chalk art. Hand them some colourful chalk and watch as they transform the concrete canvas into a vibrant masterpiece. From imaginative animals to hopscotch boards, the possibilities are endless. Sidewalk chalk art encourages self-expression, improves fine motor skills, and, most importantly, allows your little artists to take pride in their creations.

During this artistic adventure, Penny Scallan's Childrens Drawstring Bag comes in handy to carry all the art supplies your little ones need. Lightweight, water-resistant, and made with a cotton drawstring, these drawstring kid's bags are perfect for children on the go. Whether it's carrying chalk, snacks, or their favourite toy, the children's drawstring bag is the ideal accessory for any outing.

Activity Four: Mini Nature Explorers

Encourage your children to become nature experts by exploring your local parks, trails and beaches together. Embark on a guided adventure and encourage your children to engage with the beauty of leaves, sand, stones, flowers and water they find. Let them observe the birds and listen to their calls, mimic the sound of the ocean waves, and let them become inquisitive and curious about their local environment.

Whether you’re hiking a trail or walking along the beach, it’s always important to have something to drink. Designed to keep germs and dirt away from their mouths, Penny Scallan’s Kids Stainless Steel Drink Bottles help you and your family stay hydrated through your adventures. Fill your stylish kids bottles with water and screw the lids tight before heading out on your journey!

Activity Five: Bubble Bonanza

Bubbles never fail to entertain little ones! Watch as your children’s eyes light up with excitement when the bubbles float around them. Creating your own bubble bonaza at home is simple and is a great idea for a rainy day indoors - or can be played in the park with other children in the summer sun.

Encourage your children to chase and pop the bubbles, promoting gross motor skill development and improved hand-eye coordination. This simple, yet endlessly entertaining activity, is perfect to tucker out toddlers!

During this bubble-filled adventure, Penny Scallan's Insulated Lunch Bags will keep snacks and refreshments cool and fresh. Lined with thermal foil, these versatile insulated children's lunch bags are perfect for carrying bubbles, snacks, and water bottles – so if you decide to take the bubbles on the road, the snacks don’t have to suffer! The convenient padded carry handle and secure zipper make the kids insulated lunch bags easy for little hands to carry, and when packed with healthy snacks, keep your children energised and ready for a day of discovery!

Outdoor activities are an essential part of childhood, promoting physical, cognitive, and emotional development. As parents, it's crucial to ensure our little ones are protected from all kinds of weather during their adventures. With Penny Scallan's range of weather-proof products, your children will be comfortable and cared for no matter the excursion!