How to wash your Penny Scallan backpack

How to wash your Penny Scallan backpack

We know life with kids is messy. Food gets spilt, things fall out of the car, bags lie on dusty floors, dirt ovals and wet pool tiles while dancing, sport and swimming lessons are going on — where does it end!

With all of the excitement that comes with our little one’s adventures, sometimes it’s the small things that pile up. That’s why we’re here to put the ‘fun’ back in functional. Our adorable products are specially-designed to be not only child-friendly, but parent-friendly as well! Read on as we answer a couple of frequently asked questions and take you through our guide on how to wash a Penny Scallan backpack.

Can you dry clean a backpack?

The short answer to this question is no. This is because of the aggressive chemical solvents involved in dry cleaning. These solvents can eat into the fabrics and coating of backpacks and cause some serious damage. Our recommendation is to steer clear of dry cleaning when using most products, even those as durable as ours.

Can you wash Penny Scallan backpacks in a washing machine?

Our bags and backpacks are made from thick 100% cotton canvas with a scratch and water-resistant coating. This not only makes our backpacks extra durable, but it also means you can use a cold/gentle wash cycle to clean them in your washing machine!

How can you clean and dry a Penny backpack properly?

When it comes to cleaning everyday items like backpacks for kinder and school, how we wash them often depends on how much ‘damage’ has been done in the first place. Here’s our guide on how to keep your little one’s well-loved Penny Scallan backpack in tip-top shape, depending on how much fun has been had!

A Bit Grubby

A few dirty grazes here and there? Perhaps a spill? You can probably skip using a washing machine to wash your backpack this time around. Simply spot-clean the coated canvas by wiping it with a warm damp cloth.

Pretty Dirty

My, my, what happened here? Now looks like the time to use the machine. Take care to empty the backpack fully, removing any toys, coins, leftover lunches, and especially tissues! Then you can go ahead and pop your backpack in the washing machine, just be sure to wash on a cold, gentle cycle to prevent warping.

For best results, pop it into an old pillowcase or large laundry bag to protect zippers or straps from flicking against the agitator (which not only makes an annoying noise, but could damage the small pieces).

Very, Very Dirty

Looks like this situation calls for a double attack. Firmly scrub at stubborn stains with warm, soapy water — the sooner you can attend to these the better, but the water-resistant coating will help protect liquids from staining or seeping through.

After spot-cleaning the worst areas, proceed to machine-wash as above.

Drying Off

No matter if you’ve done a spot clean or a full wash, making sure your Penny Scallan bag dries well is key to having a long-lasting item. We recommend stuffing the bag with a dry towel then zipping it up and hanging it to dry out of direct sunlight. This method means your bag will keep its shape and that the bright designs will stay as vibrant as ever!

And we’re all done! No need to stress next time you see that yoghurt burst, or juice spill — we know mess is an inevitable part of parenthood, and we create all of our products with that in mind. So, if you haven’t already, check out our range of backpacks. They come in three sizes, and there are plenty of vibrant designs, so you can find the perfect match for your little adventurer!