What To Pack For A Day of Daycare

What To Pack For A Day of Daycare

So it’s your little one’s first day at daycare. Sounds like a fun and exciting time for them, and a nice relaxing day off for you! Or a day of ticking off errands. Either way, when it comes to sending your kids off to daycare, it can be a little daunting knowing what to pack for their first full day away from home.

To help, we’ve prepared a short checklist to make packing for your child’s first day at daycare a breeze! Check out all the daycare essentials you need for the big day.

Daycare bag

First things first: you need a bag to put all of their daycare essentials in. You want to make sure it’s big enough for all of their things, yet small enough for the little one to carry around. If you’re searching for the best backpack for your toddlers at daycare, check out our range of kids’ backpacks at Penny Scallan! They’re roomy, light, and have cute designs that your little one is sure to love!


You never know when your little one will have an accident at daycare, which is why this is one of the top essentials any daycare bag should have. It’s recommended to pack at least one to two nappies, more if your little one is not yet potty-trained.

Food and lunchtime essentials

If your child gets hungry or sporadically craves snacks, having some food in your daycare bag is a must. And when it comes to lunchtime, an insulated lunch bag, or bento boxes is the only way to keep their delicious meals fresh. Additionally, ensure to pack a sippy water bottle so your little one stays properly hydrated throughout the big day.


With so much playing and exploring going on at daycare, your child is going to get messy one way or another. Food and dirt stains are more than common at daycare as well as a number of sticky hands that can spread germs fast! Having wipes on hand makes it easy to clean up their messes – whether it’s on their hands, face, or clothes.


Pacifiers, comforters or dummies – whatever your household calls them – are the best thing to have on hand in the instance your little one gets upset at daycare. These little soothers can often be the immediate solution to a tantrum or loud cry, putting your little one to ease in a matter of seconds. However, be sure to label your dummy to stop other upset children accidentally using it for themselves.

Sunscreen and hats

When your child goes out to the playground or their carer decides to take them out to a park, you want to make sure your child has the appropriate sun safety gear. Sunscreen and a hat to protect them from sunlight are two essentials, particularly in the warmer months. Our range of breathable cotton canvas broad brim hats are SPF 50, sure to keep them clear from any sign of sunburn.

Extra clothes

Packing an extra set of clothes, and undies, is essential, for whatever accident that may occur! Whether it’s a potty accident, or a trip in some mud, an extra set of clothes in their daycare bag ensures your little one won’t have to sit in wet, sticky clothes all day long. If they don’t end up needing it for the day, they may need it tomorrow. So it’s always smart to keep an extra set just in case.

Cuddle and nap items

For their afternoon nap, your kiddos may find it difficult to sleep in a place different from their bed or crib. Bringing cozy nap essentials, such as a soft pillow or their favorite blanket can help them sleep better. Some parents even pack their favorite teddy so they have something to cuddle and protect them as they doze off to sleep.

Medicine and other first aid items

While most daycare centers will have their own first aid kit on hand, it’s still important to pack precautionary items, such as Band-Aids and ointment, in case of the worst. Additionally, if your child suffers any kind of health condition, such as asthma, you want to make sure they have access to their medication, whenever they may need it throughout the day.

Ensuring your child is well prepared for daycare doesn’t have to be a stressful task. By knowing what to pack inside their daycare bag, both you and your little one are ready to enjoy the day, worry free. Remember the items you need above and don’t forget to pack them in the best daycare backpack for your toddler. Ready to get started? Start shopping our daycare bundles today.