The Key To Planning The Best Sleepover

The Key To Planning The Best Sleepover

Planning a sleepover for your child and their friends? We know you’ll want to make it an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and excitement. To help you create lasting memories, we've put together some fun activities and essential items to make the sleepover extra special. So, have your Penny Scallan at the ready and prepare to have the most epic sleepover adventure yet! 


Sleepover Essentials: what to bring to a sleepover 


Kids Overnight Duffle Bags: Pack with Ease 

When it comes to sleepovers, having a reliable overnight bag is a must. These spacious kids duffle bags provide ample room to pack clothes, PJ’s and other essentials. With their vibrant prints and sturdy construction, our duffle bags are not only practical but also add a touch of excitement to the sleepover experience. Your child can proudly carry their Penny Scallan Duffle Bag, ready for a night of fun and adventure. 


Penny Scallan Kids Drink Bottle: Stay Hydrated in Style 

Staying hydrated is essential during a sleepover, and Penny Scallan's Kids Drink Bottle is the perfect companion. With its vibrant designs and durable construction, this bottle will keep your child's water within reach throughout the night. The leak-proof design ensures no spills, making it convenient for sleepovers where spills can happen in the excitement of the moment. 


Activity Ideas 

Scavenger Hunt 

What better way to engage kids than with a thrilling scavenger hunt? This activity is sure to spark their imagination. Prepare a list of items they need to find around the house or yard, and let the excitement unfold. For added excitement, consider offering prizes that will blow them away. And don't worry if the weather isn't ideal – you can still enjoy the fun indoors with an ‘Around the House Scavenger Hunt’. 


Spa Time (girls) 

Bring out your collection of nail polishes and let them give each other fabulous manicures. Add some relaxation with foot and hand massages to complete the pampering session. You can also try homemade face masks that are safe for kids, and don't forget the classic cucumber slices for a hilarious and cute touch.  


Indoor Camping 

Encourage the kids to wear their comfy PJs and provide DIY decorations to set the camping mood. Create forts using pillows, blankets, and sticks, or have an under-the-table fort for added excitement. Don't forget to ask the kids to bring their own sleeping bags. And of course, what's camping without marshmallows? Let the kids enjoy the delicious taste of the outdoors from the comfort of your home.