Eco-Friendly Products for Kids

Eco-Friendly Products for Kids

At Penny Scallan, we’re on a mission to create a positive impact on the environment whilst providing adorable, functional and durable products for families. We’re more than just a brand - we understand the importance of sustainability, and as eco-conscious consumers ourselves, we strive to offer products that truly align with our values. 

Explore our range of kid's eco-friendly products that not only minimise waste, but also inspire your little one to embrace a more environmentally responsible lifestyle. 


Bento Boxes: A Sustainable Twist to Mealtime Fun 

Revolutionise your child’s mealtime, with our beautifully designed Bento Boxes. Rather than packing lunches in single-use plastics and wraps, our Bento Boxes provide a eco-friendly alternative to lunchtimes. Made with sustainability in mind, these stylish, durable and functional lunchboxes are available in a range of designs and colours, helping you and your family say goodbye to plastic waste. 

Teach your little one’s the importance of a balanced meal by utilising our six functional compartments and explore the importance of waste reduction with them - showing them how simple and little switches can make a big difference. 


Kids Drink Bottles: Reusable and Responsible Hydration 

Staying hydrated doesn’t have to come at a cost to the environment; our practical and durable water bottles are the perfect kids' eco-friendly product. Opting for a reusable water bottle minimises the use of single-use plastic and helps you educate your child on effortless switches to become greener friendly. Whether it’s for school, day care, playdates or family outings, our kids drink bottles are designed to withstand those long days and adventures anywhere in the world. 


Kids Insulated Lunch Bags: Coolness Meets Eco-Friendliness 

Our insulated lunch bags are another great sustainable kid's item for lunchtime snacks; lined with thermal foil, these bags keep food cool and fresh until mealtime rolls around. Perfectly sized to accommodate our Bento Boxes, you can simply wash and reuse for daily use, teaching your little one’s about the benefits of sustainable materials. 

Also serving as standalone lunch bags, these eco-friendly kid's bags have convenient padded handles and secure zippers, so you can pop them into your child’s Penny Scallan backpack without the worry of leaks and mess. 

Raincoats: Weather-Resistant and Sustainable 

When the sun’s taking a break from shining, our raincoats for children are a great sustainable choice! Leave the single-use ponchos behind and invest in some eco-conscious kids gear for those cold rainy days. 

Made with a soft lining for warmth, hoods for added protection, and two pockets for toys and snacks, our raincoats are designed to keep your little one warm and dry during those wet days. Crafted with durability in mind, these raincoats can be passed down to siblings or friends, promoting a culture of upcycling in your home and community. Choose from our range of stylish designs to make rainy days a little brighter for your child. 


Hot & Cold Gel Packs: Resourceful and Reusable 

At Penny Scallan, we believe in making the most of every product and saying no to using products only once! Our reusable hot and cold gel packs are not only versatile, but also help keep your child's lunches and snacks fresh.  

Designed to fit perfectly in our Bento Boxes and Lunch Bags, these gel packs come in various sizes and feature adorable, colourful designs that kids will love. By opting for reusable gel packs, you reduce the need for disposable alternatives, making a positive impact on the environment. 


At Penny Scallan we are dedicated to offering eco-conscious kids gear that promotes sustainability whilst educating and inspiring little ones to embrace a greener lifestyle. We know how children get distracted at lunchtime by running around the playground and dropping their rappers and plastic. We have created our range with the aim to make lunchtime a breeze for all and minimise the plastic clean-up. With our range of sustainably made products, we provide easy solutions that reduce waste and encourage sustainable habits for all the family.