Nifty School Accessory Bundles For Your Kids

Nifty School Accessory Bundles For Your Kids

Whether it’s their first day of daycare, kinder or primary school, we want your little ones to be as prepared as possible for their days ahead. With our school bundles, your kids will have all the essentials they need to make the back to school period a breeze.

Here are some bundles available at Penny Scallan to help you get started.

Daycare bundles

Our daycare bundles are the perfect combination for those days when you need to race off to work or fulfil some errands. Pack everything into our Medium Backpack, with a sun smart Hat and matching Drink Bottle to keep them hydrated all day long. And don’t forget to pack their favourite toys and other play items, as well as a soft blanky or teddy so they’re cosy during naptime.

Kinder and school bundles

Once your kids are past the daycare stage, it’s time to level up. Our kinder bundles are the perfect match to send your child off to early learning with everything to get them started for big kid stuff! These bundles include the best backpacks and school bags designed to hold all their essentials for kindergarten and primary school, including notebooks, pencils, crayons, etc. Our early learning bundles also come with a sun smart hat, drink bottle, bento box and insulated lunch bag to keep them happy and hydrated all day long!

Mealtime and lunch box bento bundles

Our mealtime and lunch box bento bundles are perfect for every age group. Whether your little one is off to school or kinder, our mealtime essentials make lunchtime easy and fun for everyone. Pack a variety of nutritious foods in our divided bento boxes for their day ahead, and keep it cool in our insulated lunch bags. We also have water bottles, bamboo dinnerware, and food jars for your kids’ delicious lunches – a perfect combination for hungry, thirsty little people.

Travel bundles

For when kinder and school holidays come around, keep your kids’ things organised with our travel bundles. Make their day trip or sleepover a fun one with our duffle bag bundles fit with a matching drink bottle and sun smart hat to keep them protected from the sun when they're off adventuring!

At Penny Scallan, our all-in-one bundles are the perfect and most convenient items for your child’s necessities at daycare, kinder, or primary school. Not only are they convenient, but they also come in eight adorable designs your little ones are sure to love. Check out our website and shop the range today.